Review: La Playita by Gavin Atlas

La Playita

by Gavin Atlas


Sex: 4

Plot: 3

Overall enjoyment: 3

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Jamie, a college senior from Pennsylvania, is nursing the wounds of a broken relationship.  Alone on the beautiful beaches of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica for spring break, shy Jamie spends his time writing his wildest fantasies in his journal.  But Jamie is a handsome and muscular young man, and when a mischievous Costa Rican waiter discovers Jamie’s deepest desires, the fantasies could become reality.  But can Jamie overcome his inhibitions and surrender his body on La Playita?

I have to say, this one was almost a DNF (did not finish,)I was getting a little tired of Jamie’s protesting he is not ready. Especially, when we all know he so wanted Luis and his cousin, Rudiger. We also know that Jamie had a recent break up and that can leave anyone pretty depressed, but it doesn’t kill your sexual instincts. If anything I would think a major break up would make you go out there and make you self feel sexy and desirable.
And with some help from Luis and Rudiger, Jamie got his groove back. And he did it with a bang or three. He even got an extra helping from a dark stranger. I am not sure what the significance of the unknown stranger was at the end. I will have to go back and look carefully at the types of stories Jamie was reading or writing and possibly find a connection.
Either way Gavin Atlas did a very sexy job on this short story. I wonder will we hear anymore from Jamie.


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Review: One Naughty Girl by Alexx Andria

One Naughty Girl

by Alexx Andria

Sex: 2.5

Plot: 2

Overall Enjoyment: 3

Landry James, a bored housewife, seems like a strong woman who knows hat she wants. Yes, she may be cockcolding her husband but she loves him. Plus this seems like a way to keep her from going crazy and killing said boring Joe.

This was a very short read, only about 6000 words. It was free on Amazon. So I thought, “What the hell, it’s a free book.” So I got it, read it, and like it. Not loved it but liked it. The regular price of this book is a little steep for a short story.

The dialog is rather corny and stiff and seems to be a tad racist at times. I think the author may want to think about whom their readers are and try to be more realistic with the language they choose to use.  I had to re-read that part about the “black buck”, I almost did a DNF. I kept going and finished it and read it again. I try not to make my personal beliefs part of my reading these days. I have found my perceptions of some things are not true but slightly discriminating also. What’s the old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover?”

I hope this author takes in to account the reviews he/she is getting and will strive to make the writing more appropriate and entertaining.  I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and will only recommend this book with caution and only if its still free.


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Review: Alien Revealed by Lilly Cain

Alien Revealed

by Lilly Cain

Sex: 3

Plot: 4

Overall Enjoyment:3


Inarrii agent Alinna Gaerrii was tasked with observing the Starforce base on Earth. Crash landing her observation pod onto the base was not part of her mission briefing. Neither was making m’ittar-mind contact-with Major David Brown, the human who discovered her amongst the wreckage.

David thinks she’s a psychologist sent to evaluate his Special Forces team, and Alinna goes along with his misconception, seizing the opportunity to observe humans up close. But their daily contact has unexpected side effects, and Alinna soon invades David’s dreams. Through their intimate mental connection she allows him to express his forbidden physical desires.

Alinna delights in the sensory exploration and grows excited by the prospect of a treaty with the humans and a potential life mate in David. But an attack from an unknown ship sends the base into chaos, and Alinna may be forced to reveal her lie, erasing all hope of a successful treaty, and driving David away forever…


Lilly Cain did a wonderful job with the concept and execution of this story. I thought it was a like Cocoon meets Men in Black, with combat boots plus a generous helping of the sexy Sharon Stone. Alien Revealed was just a very sexy and lustful read.

I recommend reading this and her others as well.

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Review: In Darkness Bound by Christine Price

In Darkness Bound

by Christine Price

M/M/M paranormal erotic romance

DNF (did not finish)

NITM (not in the mood)


Data Collection by Dalhousie, Dr. Donna E.

Patient 331
New, confused. His powers unknown.

Patient 289
No longer viable in the test pool, he remains in isolation.

Patient 77

Reclassified to staff status. Useful, malleable.

Confined in a sterile research facility and treated like a lab rat, Chris is alone and terrified. His special powers are his only escape, allowing him to psychically connect with other patients.

Alone in his cell for longer than he can remember, Vance is hungry. When newcomer Chris makes a mental connection, Vance is intrigued and soon wants more than just conversation.

Chris and Vance seek comfort with each other, and with Simon, the only staff member who’s shown them a hint of compassion. Their relationships develop during stolen moments between bouts of pain and fear, and they turn their thoughts to escape. But as Dr. Dalhousie’s madness spirals and her experiments intensify, more than cell walls threaten to keep them apart…

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Well you might be wondering why did I not finish the book. And well it was too slow for me. Not enough happening. When I have more time to devote to making myself read it, I will but after three days of staring cross eyed and getting a headache, I called it dead.


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