Review: Here Kitty, Kitty by Shelly Laurenston

Here Kitty, Kitty

Mangus Pack #3

by Shelly Laurenston

Shifter Paranormal Romance

What do you do when you’ve got a hillbilly tiger by the tail? Or maybe the question should be: what wouldn’t you do…

Nikolai Vorislav likes his single life just as it is. Simple, relaxing, and quiet. What he doesn’t need is some foul-mouthed Texas hellcat living in his house, eating his food, flirting with his idiot brothers, and shooting holes in his home with his granddaddy’s gun. But those long legs, dark eyes, and lethal tongue are making Nik insane and he fears he may be caught in the sexiest animal trap ever.

Angelina Santiago doesn’t know how she got from Texas to North Carolina in a night or how she ended up in some hillbilly tiger’s house wearing only a sheet. What she does know is that she doesn’t like good ol’ boys with slow, sexy drawls who can’t seem to stop rubbing up against her. Yet in order to protect her friends, Angie has to stay with a cat who seems hellbent on finding all sorts of delicious ways to make her purr.


Sex: 3
Plot: 4
Overall Enjoyment: 4

Well I fell in love with the Mangus Pack series when I read about Sara and her dog in Pack Challenge. Anyone who has those crazy bitches as friends deserves my full attention. After I left Sara’s story I went in search of Miki’s book, Go Fetch, and Angelina’s book. I only found Angelina’s book, Here Kitty, Kitty.I read it and fell in lust all over again. If I could pick my BFFs these women would be them.

So I read it. Loved it. Bitches were still cray-cray, but they introduced me to some more women shifters that were even more to my twisted liking.Oh yeah! Shelly also added a bunch of new hotties guys with some OCD issues. I never really understood those kind of quirks. However, having lived with one with those tendencies, my DH, I can understand the immense pleasure if gives to screw up there carefully laid plans. *insert evil laugh here* And reading about the mayhem that Angelina and her friends unleash makes me feel normal.

Yes, I know they are fictional. Shapeshifters don’t exist. But i doesn’t mean that I can’t read and pretend they are my friends because we all do it. We think, “What Would blah blah do?”, I know I think what would Sara do. Then I realize I don’t want to go to jail more mass murder. So I tone it down just a bit. Just a little.

I enjoyed this book and the two other immensely. I was also happy to find that Laurenston continued to write more in this crazy world she built.




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Review: The Best Ever by @DeannaWadsworth

#The Best Ever

1NS series

by Deanna Wadsworth

gay, erotic romance


Jason Lewis is a self-proclaimed nerdy guy who hates his red hair. Bullied most of his life, at 22 social situations still make him awkward. On a trip to the World Video Game Expo in Las Vegas, Jason decides to enlist the help of Madame Eve in his failed romantic endeavors. While at the con, he runs into sexy, professional baseball pitcher Blake Huntington, the guy he tutored in high school. Blake invites him to a party and after hanging out with his high school crush, Jason begins to regret booking his 1NS “encounter” later that night. But Madame Eve may have planned the best night ever.



Overall Enjoyment: 5

Jason has a long standing crush on a high school Jock he once tutored, Blake. Now seven years later on a trip to Las Vegas, he meets up with Blake by accident. Or is it an accident? In 1NS series I find that nothing is by accident.

Both Jason and Blake ordered a casual encounter but their hearts are screaming for something more. Jason wants to get his first time out of the way, and Blake just wants sex with a man, because he is still in the closet. Blake finds out and proceeds to show Jason how his first time should be, treasured with someone you love. Ms. Wadsworth delivers a #funny, #sexy and #sensual tale of unrealized requited love.

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Review: Lover At Last by J. R. Ward

Lover At Last
Black Dagger Brotherhood Series
by J.R. Ward
Gay, Spicy Paranormal Romance

Qhuinn, son of no one, is used to being on his own. Disavowed from his bloodline, shunned by the aristocracy, he has finally found an identity as one of the most brutal fighters in the war against the Lessening Society. But his life is not complete. Even as the prospect of having a family of his own seems to be within reach, he is empty on the inside, his heart given to another….

Blay, after years of unrequited love, has moved on from his feelings for Qhuinn. And it’s about time: The male has found his perfect match in a Chosen female, and they are going to have a young- just as Qhuinn has always wanted for himself. It’s hard to see the new couple together, but building your life around a pipe dream is just a heartbreak waiting to happen. As he’s learned firsthand.

Fate seems to have taken these vampire soldiers in different directions… but as the battle over the race’s throne intensifies, and new players on the scene in Caldwell create mortal danger for the Brotherhood, Qhuinn finally learns the true definition of courage, and two hearts who are meant to be together… finally become one.

Plot: 5

Sex: 3.5 (The sex moved the story but I would have liked a little more naughty. And for only two actual scenes its was good. If she ever decides to write the scene at the Iron Maiden, I would sell your left kidney to read it.)

Overall Enjoyment: 4 (Great book, need to read the previous one before this one though.)

Blay and Qhuinn’s relationship was volatile at best in the beginning. It was almost if Qhuinn was self destructing while they watched. I didn’t read Lover Revealed, so for a few chapters I thought maybe I should. But as the book progressed I felt it wouldn’t be necessary. There was enough information, that you could glean what happened in the last book. (As a side note, you might want to go back and read it for the back story.)

On a serious note, I think this book reflects the political climate that is happening around us. Gay marriage, relationships and pretty much anything non-traditional is frowned upon. Why can’t we all get along? Because I have yet to rise to power, *evil laugh* Muhahahaha! *looks around at minions and says “Laugh damn-it!”* But if I have learned anything from reading romance novels it’s this, “Love conquers all, but if not at least you won’t die alone”.

Well as expected Ward gives us a gut buster of a book. At 591 pages the number of plot twists, sexy innuendos, kick ass new characters, and some familiar ones, are pretty high. Reminds of of reading the Game of Thrones books, except the people I like don’t die. But nothing tops the fact that Qhuinn and Blay finally have their book. YAY! (happy dance) Layla is in it too, she has a larger more intense  role yet to play. And that book is a shit storm waiting to happen.

From what I can tell, shit is going to be going down big in the next few books. Decrees and backstabbing is to be had by all. And I fear that with The Warden’s track record of doing unorthodox things to the fictional family we know and love, we may lose our minds a few times but the ride will be worth it..



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Review: Quid Pro Quo by L.A. Witt and Aleksander Voinov

Quid Pro Quo
Market Garden series

by LA Witt and Aleksander Vionov

Gay, Erotica, Contemporary

For the past six months, Jared’s been selling sex at Market Garden, a London club that caters to the better-off. But business is slow in the run-up to Christmas, when businessmen and bankers are too busy bickering over bonuses to rent themselves a little high-class action.

Though Jared’s wallet finds the downtime unnerving, the rest of him rather enjoys the opportunity it gives him to admire Tristan, an old hand in the club whose reputation usually sees him well-booked. Jared has been crushing on Tristan for months—he’s no more immune to Tristan’s cockiness and confidence than the johns, and those are just Tristan’s inner qualities.

Just as Jared’s about to chat Tristan up, a businessman asks for something a little different: he wants to book them both. They agree—and Jared finds himself going from crush to mind-bending lust as he’s made the pawn in a sexual power game. Tristan shows him how a pro handles a john while delivering the top-shelf sex for which the Market Garden is so rightly renowned.


Plot: 1
Sex: 4
Overall Enjoyment: 4

Tristan and Jared are so hot together making the “John” frustrated and happy at the same time, it was like Christmas in July.  I liked the sex scene in this hot little number. I thought at the end they were going to allow the john to play too, but to my disappointment they only did the bare minimum. Le sigh, my dirty little mind ended the book a different way after I read it again, and it was great.This is just a preview of what is to come and I am looking forward to the ending of this story between Tristan and Jared, in Take It Off (Market Garden #2).

This is book one in the Market Garden series, I will be picking the rest up after vacation. This one is 10,000 words both together only about 22,000 words, still short enough to read in one sitting. Your ass may be sore and your kids starving but that is what I call ONE sitting.

Take It Off (Market Garden #2)

Riptide PublishingAmazon (Paperback)  (Kindle)
Barnes & Noble (Paperback) (Nook)
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Reveiw: Passion Next Door by @CaraCarnes (erotic)

passionnextdoorPassion Next Door

Pleasure Brigade #1

by Cara Carnes

Warning: only 18+, Explicit sex, Hot Guys &  BDSM,

Once a month Autumn Scott indulges in her voyeuristic fantasy thanks to a very sexy, very loud neighbor, who has no idea his encounters next door fuel her lust. Until she gets caught.

Now Autumn finds herself exploring her ultimate fantasy—submission. But the stakes are raised when Kade presents her with a twist to his usual play. He wants to add three friends to the game. Together the four men indulge her naughtiest desires and prove the pleasure she’d experienced before was only the beginning.

Read an excerpt here.

Ellora’s Cave | Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Review: 3.5 Stars

I liked this book, it was hot sexy and a good first glimpse in to Autumns first scene with Kade and the Brigade. I took this work at face value and was not looking for a deeper connection with the main character. I understand that these short novellas are supposed to be just a taste at these characters. And are also meant to tease you for more. Book 2 will fulfill that need as Autumn goes on her journey of self discovery.

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