Review: Bachelor Unleashed by Brenda Jackson

Bachelor Unleashed

by Brenda Jackson

Hot, sexy, steamy, raunchy.  Did I mention that this book is hot?  Unusually in this book, the man, Xavier, is truly in touch with his emotions.  Not in an Alpha male take no prisioners way, but in a steady quiet way.  He has fallenin love and is determined to see the same level of love and commitment returned from his chosen partner.

His partner, Farrah, has baggage from her ex husband that she allows to dictate her actions.  This novel is a journey of her overcoming her own inhibitions.  While she might admit to herself that she is falling in love with Xavier but for her to voice it out loud is a whole differnet kettle of fish.

I really enjoyed the öld school ”sex scenes”.  There was no jarring crash words to throw you out of them.  There is a nice flow to the story but I did find myself wishing we knew more about how the two of them got together first time around.  Perhaps that’s just human curiosity.

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