Review: Soulbound by Mahalia Levey


by Mahalia Levey

***Note: This book is not available for purchase anywhere at this time. When it’s up for re release again with a new publisher and cover, we will put a note on the website.

Upon finishing the first semester of college three child hood friends meet up again at their familiar haunting ground. Fantasies never acted out, have the chance to happen for one night. Addie, Galen and Teagan find in each other’s arms an affinity for each other that has never evaporated but grown stronger during the length of their long lived friendship.

Returning to the town she grew up in Addison Westley wonders if the boys she grew up with have grown or changed as much as she has.  Addie also wonders if her boys, Teagan and Galen, have feeling for her like she does for them.  Ready to explore Addie hopes that the boys are ready for the challenge she wants to put in front of them.  She also hopes that the fact that she and Galen used to be lovers doesn’t come between them.

The story does have its erotic moments and tries to have some plot, which is good because reading a story without any plot is frustrating, and not in a good way.  The character of Addie, however, starts out strong and then seems to get lost after the first chapter.  I would have preferred it if she had stayed the main narrator, and if she had stayed strong because after the first chapter she seems to become a meek little girl unsure of what or who she really wants.

The book then becomes more about the relationship between Galen and Teagan and the reader just totally loses who the narrator is.  This at times is frustrating only because there were times when I wasn’t sure who was even talking.  This was evident in some of the odd transitions which actually jarred me out of the story and made me wonder what the heck was going on.  The most evident example was when Teagan began thinking about an incident that happened in the past…as the reader I didn’t know who was thinking or what was going on as it appeared very suddenly in the story.

As erotica this novella has the wording right, but the story and the narration is too distracting and draws the reader away from the sexy desire that should be building up in the readers loins and just ends up leaving them frustrated with no real orgasm.

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