Review: Unbalanced by Kate Douglas…Updated

Unbalanced (update at the end)

by Kate Douglas

Demon Lovers Book 1

Sex: 3

Story: 2

Overall Enjoyment: 2.5

Addie stops to help an injured woman in the park, and suddenly finds herself partnered with two very sexy demon fighters going after the nastiest demon on the block.
Action, sex, two amazing men and one unemployed young woman thrown into the adventure of her life. And did I mention sex?

I was really hoping for some more in the climax and the conclusion of this story. For example, the face of the real bad guy. Instead we get a monster with no real expanation except the characters assumptions (that happen to be right).

Let me tell you. If I found a woman dying and she did some magic crap to me and then some guys come out of nowhere to claim I am their focus, I would run screaming not go with them. The only thing I can say for this “heroine” is that she had nothing really to live for. Even her friend whom sits at home playing video games all day is sad. But I have to admit I think that is happening more and more these days. Not the Demon lovers coming to get you, but the fact that young people can’t or won’t work.

So before I get on my soap box about all that and the “99%” crap, let us talk about this, book one to the Demon Lovers series of Kate Douglas. I have read a few of Kate’s books and I liked them. However, I didn’t not really care for the abrupt introduction to this new series and these new characters. I felt were were thrown into the story with no background, no sense of purpose and definitely no real direction for the story. At least not until close to the end. The whole point of this girls existence now is to *****spoilers here***** diffuse the sexual tension building up between the two. Why they could not figure out how that they could have sex between themselves without the woman is beyond me.

I am glad it was .99 because until I get a good background on these new characters I don’t think I am going to be reading them anytime soon.

Next Book in this series is UNBOUND Demon Lovers bk 2

It’s a typical battle against your average demon until everything goes terribly wrong. Jett is poisoned by demonic venom and reverts to his demon form.
Only Addie has a chance to  save him–but she must risk her life if her demon lover is to survive.
Note: Upon getting an email from the author on why this was such an abrupt and seemingly hurried story. I kinds feel bad for her. If publisher feel they can limit creativity because of word count then increase the level of work. If not a short story then a novella, or a novella to a novel. Just don’t say “hey good story now cut half of it out, make it fit.” It’s like taking your child and removing a leg arm and both eyes and them giving them a seeing eye dog. WTF!! Really. I think you are going yourself a severe disservice, dear publishers. If word count is that bad then give them a choice shelf it for later or self publish it with a finders fee of course right. Sooner or later Editors, Publishers and any middle man will find themselves extinct. I hate to say it but I have had this feeling for a few years now. NO ONE is happy with book publishing and the lack of compromise. But then again I am the enduser, the reader. I have no clue what goes one behind the figurative closed doors. But I think it would be an eye opener if someone would let us follow them all the way through the publishing biz; from the concept of a book to the finished project. Or maybe I should go ahead and try doing it once for education’s sake. What do you’all think.
Dear Ms. Douglas,
I understand your plight and will give the Demon Lovers series another read.  I promise. I would ask, that if at all possible for you to add alittle more background to your characters to make them a little more likable. Maybe a defining memory that has a part in making them who they are today. Just an idea. It was just a little frustrating to go from “oh woes me!” to ” I love you til I die!” in what felt like a few pages. And thank you for taking the time to email me and for the courage to this writing an interesting story.
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