Review: Their First Noelle by Cara Michaels

Their First Noelle

by Cara Michaels

Romance on the Go, Evernight Pub

MFM, BDSM, Erotica

With all of the Christmas in July events popping up everywhere, I decided to celebrate a little differently–with a steamy Romance on the Go quickie, Their First Noelle.

The quirky plot of this story quickly consumed me. Noelle, a recently retired elf who used to work for Santa, just can’t seem to get into the Christmas spirit. Christmas away from the North Pole is different-missing is a landscape covered in snow that has fallen in a powdery perfect, nowhere are there Christmas lights so bright you need to wear shades, nor is it surrounded with the sounds of holiday cheer. For Noelle, it’s sad, dreary and lonely.

Stumbling in to her favorite coffee shop, Noelle sees the two (that’s right TWO! [You see where this story is going don’t you?]) sexy as hell owners of the shop, Kristian and Nicholas. Upon seeing them, her body instantly reacts and she’s thinking about doing naughty things that she hasn’t done in a long time, thinking maybe that some down and dirty lovin’ might put her in the holiday spirit. She’s heard the rumors about them-not only do they work together, they live together and quite possibly enjoy sharing women together. For some women this might make them turn the other cheek, but not our naughty little Noelle. Ooooh no! She finds it exciting and starts thinking of deviant ways she might be able to give them a Christmas the three of them will never forget. Much to her surprise and excitement, Kris and Nick are thinking the same exact thing-all they want for Christmas is Noelle wrapped up like a sexy present and begging them to unwrap her.

“So Sweet,” Nick said. “You need to taste her, Kris. She’s sugar and spice.”
“But not too nice,” Kris said against her ear. “Just naughty enough for us.”

This is a quick, hot and heavy ménage à trois/bondage read with a hint of bisexuality. Ms. Michaels has a nice writing style that seamlessly rolls from vanilla scenes into ones with more, shall we say, flavor that you’re sure to enjoy.

One my hotness scale of 1-5, I give it the following:
Plot: 4 – I liked the uniqueness of it and I have never read an erotic Christmas story before.
Sex: 5 – M/F/M action is always a win in my book!
Overall: 4 – for reasons stated above

If you’re looking for a short and steamy read, check this one out. After reading, you will have to rethink whether it is better to be naughty or nice in this upcoming holiday season.

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