Review: A Wild Night’s Encounter by C.J. McLane

A Wild Night’s Encounter

by CJ Mclane



Careful what you do in the dark – someone may be watching!


Beautiful young Laila is dragged to one of those hormone-crazed frat parties by her friend Ashley. When Ashley disappears into the alcohol-induced, half naked throng, Laila is forced to find somewhere to disappear herself.

Laila tries to hide, which would have worked out brilliantly if it did not give her a front row seat to an orgy. The heated atmosphere tempts Laila to privately join in. But by doing so, she puts on a show of her own. And who has a front row seat to her display?

When the handsome yet arrogant daredevil Eric invades her solitude, things go from steamy to downright embarrassing. Could the night get any worse? Will it haunt Laila forever? Eric has a proposition that might change her perspective, but is she willing to accept?



Sex:1 When trying to write erotica I hear the good authors tell me you need to show your audience not tell them. Use all your senses to make the reader want to keep reading. Well that did not happen here. There were to many pages of non-dialogue and telling of a story. I didn’t feel any need or flush, that I normally get when reading erotica. The point of erotica is to titillate. This made me annoyed.

Plot:1 What Plot. The teaser book behind this one had more plot and I don’t read horror or suspense. Yes I know erotica doesn’t have plot sometimes. Its like a porn movies with a script. But sometimes you get one that has both and it rocks. Just not this one.

Overall Enjoyment: 1 No enjoyment what so ever. I think this is a perfect example of what not to do when writing. Use the interactions between character or even the environment to move the story along. I want my 30 minutes back.

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  1. August 15, 2013 at 7:11 pm

    Thank you for the information about the book, I too enjoy a book that I can experience and not just be told.

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