Review: Trace Elements by Kate Donovan

TraceElements4xTrace Elements

by Kate Donovan

Romanctic Suspense

Review and Synopsis:

The premise of this book intrigued me from the get-go. Nikki Gower, the current “It Girl” who plays badass Special Agent Annika Trace on the hit TV show “Trace Elements” has been recruited to help a real FBI case involving the kidnapping of a four year old girl named Linzie. Linzie has been so traumatized by her kidnapping and subsequent rescue that she refuses to speak to anyone. Knowing that “Trace Elements” is Linzie’s favorite TV show, Nikki is assigned the task of reaching out to Linzie as Special Agent Annika Trace in the hopes that she will reveal information desperately needed to catch the kidnappers.
Special Agent (super-sexy) Josh Saxon absolutely HATES this idea. Why on earth would the FBI need a sexy woman who merely portrays an agent on TV be able to get through to the girl he rescued? Because she’s Annika F’ing Trace, that’s why! In character as Annika, Nikki establishes a relationship with Linzie that slowly brings her out of her shell and connects with Nikki in a way that just may get Special Agent Saxon the information he needs to bring the criminals to justice.
After seeing Annika bond with Linzie, Josh’s opinion of her slowly starts to change and he is warming up not only to mission at hand, but to Nikki as well.
This is a fast-paced read that is filled with quick-witted banter, action and romance. I sincerely hope that this book is the first of more.

Plot: 5 – This storyline was unique and well written.
Sex: 2 – This was the one area I felt let down by. I would have liked more details. Not necessarily erotic descriptions (Ok, yes I would have liked more descriptions, but I understand not everyone needs that and maybe Ms. Donovan doesn’t write erotic novels), but most scenes left a LOT to the imagination and the sex was only eluded to.
Overall: 4 – I thought the story was so well written, original and intriguing that the less than stellar sex scenes didn’t stop me from enjoying the story or recommending to my friends. Had the book been a little dirtier, I’d have given it 5 stars for sure!

Having never read one of Ms. Donovan’s books before, I was quite pleased. I can’t wait to check out her other novels.

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