Review: Wanting the Neighbor’s Daughter By: Sam Crescent

WTND2__41770.1374104968.300.450Wanting the Neighbor’s Daughter

Romance on the Go series

by Sam Crescent

Erotic Romance, MF

Evernight Publishing


Luke Reynolds desires his neighbor’s daughter, Kimberly. His feelings for her have grown over the years he’s known her, and now she’s twenty and he can’t deny her anything.

Kimberly has had a crush on her neighbor for a long time. He’s a womanizer and he’d never look at her twice.

One weekend house-sitting for her parents, both of their lives are about to change. Neither knows about their true feelings, but after this weekend Luke and Kimberly will not have a choice. Can their love survive her father’s wrath? And can Luke wait for Kimberly to make her his?


Plot: 3. Oh the old taboo of a younger woman wanting the sexy older man, made even more taboo by him being the next door neighbor who is famous for one-night stands and going through women like Kleenex. Kimberly is a 20 year old college student who has been asked by her parents to house sit for the weekend. Kimberly couldn’t be more excited about the request and is hoping to get a little alone time with her hot neighbor. Luke Reynolds has lusted after Kimberly since she was too young to touch is wickedly excited about getting to know Kimberly and proving to her that he is done with his old ways. After Kimberly catches him and his “flavor of the week” having sex, he realized that no other woman does it for him like Kimberly and he’s ready to make a commitment and settle down with the woman he has loved from afar for the past several years.

Sex: 4. The few scenes in this novella are very hot and very descriptive. This is quite a dirty book and left me feeling satisfied.

Overall: 3. While the story line isn’t that original and is a bit predictable, I still found it entertaining. It does exactly what a Romance on the Go novella is supposed to do – satisfy your need for a lunchtime quickie.

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