Review: The Mage by Jean Johnson

The Mage– Jean Johnson Book Eight in the Sons of Destiny

I was looking forward to this book because Morganen has been such an integral part in all the other books.  He came across as a character that was kind, charming and always looked out for his brothers and those around him while keeping his own talents a mystery.  Unfortunately it didn’t live up to what I was expecting.  Even though I have read the other seven books in this series, I was confused with the first chapter of this book.  I sat there as I was reading going “huh?”   Even after it switched back to “present day”, I felt like I was being jolted around.  There were parts I loved, like when Morganen goes to retrieve Hope and ends up in a mage fight.  I really loved that whole chapter.  To me it was Morganen finally coming into his own.  However the ramifications of the fight were basically ignored and only seen as asides thereafter.  There were parts I really disliked.  Like when Hope steps across the veil she blurts out her big secret without any prompting and the others all dealt with it as if it is no more than a pesky fly. Overall the book came across as disjointed.  The author was trying to tie up loose ends and it seemed to me that she rushed it through.  It was hard to get into and follow the story and I was disappointed.  This book unfortunately moved the series from my keeper shelf.

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