Review: Skin Trade by Laurell K Hamilton

Skin Trade

Anita Blake, Vampire Executioner series

by Laurell K Hamilton

Skin Trade is the 17th book in the Anita Blake vampire hunter series. In this latest installment:

When a vampire serial killer sends Anita Blake a grisly souvenir from Las Vegas, she has to warn Sin City’s local authorities what they’re dealing with. Only it’s worse than she thought. Ten officers and one executioner have been slain paranormal style. Anita heads to Vegas, where’s she’s joined by three other federal marshals, including the ruthless Edward. It’s a good thing he always has her back, because when she gets close to the bodies, Anita senses tiger too strongly to ignore it. The were-tigers are very powerful in Las Vegas, which means the odds of her rubbing someone important the wrong way just got a lot higher.

And “higher” it did. She pissed off everyone she met; cops, witches, tigers, vampires, vampire lovers, SWAT Teams, demons and a tiger Queen. I wish I could get more into why she does what she does, but it would be giving away the story and what is left of the plot to you. We also see the re-entry of Edward, I love Edward. (He needs his own storyline.) Together they do absolutely nothing. Anita actually takes a backseat and lets cops do their job. She how ever gets under foot when she thinks she is helping. Lots of action out of scene and lots of “soul searching” going on for Anita. I don’t think she actually had to fire a bullet during the entire book.

Do you remember in the beginning of the series when Anita had a clear since of who was good and who was bad? Well, I think now she is starting to realize that she may not be the good guy she thought she was? This latest epiphany did not hinder her from having sex with more people and doing other bad things under the guise of “I didn’t know!” As a mother, I consider one of the worst things an author can do, is commit a grossly offensive and illegal act in a book against a child and write about it as it were another day. Again I can’t go in to any detail without giving away the book, but I can say this, Anita is dead to me. This character has gone down a path that she cannot redeem herself from no matter what LKH does. It goes against all that I know and love. This is my last book for that series that I am willing to pay for. It was not edgy or right.

I can’t wait until Flirt comes out. I hear LKH is going back to raising the dead. Its supposed to be a small book like Micah was. Basically a novella at paperback price. *sigh* sometimes it pays to buy eBooks.

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