T-Bone by Jordan Silver

T-BoneT-Bone by Jordan Silver
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Spoilers Ahead……

At 16% this man is already a murderer and self-educated with a lot of oil money.

By the end of chapter 2 he seems more like a less charming more apt to shoot you than talk to you

By chapter 4 he gravitates to the first attractive girl he sees. Follows her and stalks her on the internet. Then by the end of the class he knows what he wants to do is wrong but he plans for it anyway.

He is a flipping pscyho-kidnapping-stalker with a heart of gold? Maybe. Would I try to kill him in his sleep? Yes. So, what if he is sexy, hot, big and hard in all the right places, richer than the state, and wants to please me forever, I’m not that kind of girl that would give you a pass for that shit. I am expecting an explanation like, I had to take your virginity, kidnap you and force a pregnancy on you to save all of mankind or some shit. Am I right ladies? I fear this girl is the TSTL kind of meat bag.

Yes, the heroine wants an easier life but not something out of a psychological thriller novel. Anyone see Misery, if this girl was a tad bit stronger the ending to this book would have been way different. But it’s not…

I can’t help but wonder why did the author write this under their main name and not another name to test out the waters per se. I must state that this is not erotic romance at all, maybe dark erotic fiction.

So, the rest of the book he is screwing her into submission because a book from the 1800’s told him to. (Lame, if he was so modernized like he said he was he would know that that book was full of shit and probably a TSTL novel for the simpering women of privilege.) He has it planned and figures it would take some years to win her over. (Yeah, he knows what he’s doing is going to see him in jail for many lifetimes.) Okay now fast-forward through a few sexy steamy hot chapters of nothing but dirty sexy monkey sex, to she is fighting him to not leave. Then after nine months she is talking like him and acting like him. She has all the traits of a storybook frontiers woman of the mid 1800’s.
Oh, and there are a few paragraphs about the missing people he killed, and about her but no one cares.

All in all, once I got passed the whole kidnapping, molestation, forced orgasms, and forced seduction the sex scenes were hot. I think that this is a niche book for readers that understand the forced submission fantasy. I don’t think real life is meant to intrude here at all.
I’m giving 2 stars because of no warning to sensitive readers, and the creepiness of the hero, and the TSTL factor for the heroine.

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