Rohn: Dragons of Kratak by Ruth Ann Scott

Rohn (Dragons of Kratak, #1)Rohn by Ruth Anne Scott
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I read the Dragon book and a few other books included in this and I have to say I do not like her inconsistent writing style. Her dialogue is switching from Modern colloquialisms to an formal stoic speech. Back and forth with this character and it doesn’t make sense. Why would the character say that, when they really wouldn’t. And in her Dragon book her main female character goes from being strong independent woman to a blubbering idiot when she had sex. She lets the men in her life treat her like cow dung and the women in our life walk all over her. She goes from a leader/commander to TSTL (Too stupid to live). I’ve read a few other books from Ruth they have a lot of potential to be better books but as of right now I don’t like them.

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