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  1. March 19, 2015 at 4:04 pm

    The Erotic Bodhisattva, An Erotic Tale of Sensuality Meeting Spirituality…

    A mystical Tibetan nun is an outcast from her monastic order and is in hiding from the Chinese authorities with her lover. Through her unique meditations she follows the lives and loves of two, very different, young women in her search for a female bodhisattva (meaning a compassionate, enlightened being). One is a Buddhist woman warrior, the other an American college student and before either can obtain their spiritual awakening they must acknowledge their own burgeoning sexuality. Separated by time and very different cultures, the two women will respectively meet their Tantra sexual masters. The young college woman becomes involved with a seductive, controlling older man whereas a thousand year earlier her spiritual warrior counterpart meets a Tantra guru with very twisted desires and designs for her. One will slowly lose herself in the world of adult entertainment as the other is coerced into becoming a sexual priestess. To assist the women in their spiritual quest the Tibetan Nun must discover the bonds that tie the two women together before her own arrest and imprisonment by the Chinese authorities.

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