Submissions & Interviews

Here at, I love promoting authors and their works. I would happily review books, whether they be by our favorite authors or new up and comers. I am always willing to work with any author or publisher who would like to be promoted on my website.

In writing reviews:

• We will always be honest.

• My reviews will never be cruel. Any negative comments will be backed up with a reason and tactful. I will always be aware that the book we are reviewing came from the heart of an artist, and that they DO have feelings.

• My reviews are not book summaries. They will be what the books are like, rather than what it is about.

• If I receive a book before its published date (advance review copy), then we will have the review posted prior to the release date or on any date agreed upon by the author/publicist. It is not a guarantee I can make that date.

• I understand that books that are to be reviewed are not always free. While we appreciate ARC’s or galleys we understand the cost involved I would be happy to buy the book on occasion. I also understand and respect that if I am sent ARC or galley proofs, that they will not be distributed.

• I will strive to make a review enjoyable funny and try to find something positive to say about the book even if I didn’t like it. I really don’t like giving bad reviews anymore than authors like reading them.

Email with “review request” in the subject.


If your an author and want to do my “5 Minutes with …” segment fill out this questionnaire  and we will hopefully get back to you with a date to publish it.  Also add if you would like to have a contest with it, I do not mind.

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