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My name is Rayna, I am the main blogger here on NER.com. There are a few people that help me out from time to time, Mel, Whiskey Kitty, Bek and the occasional guest blogger. I mainly post about books I read, movies I watch, #catproblems, and #badparenting (that’s sarcasm, not actual BAD parenting). I am also a huge fan of erotic romance, and Sci-fi/fantasy with romantic elements.  I like a little story with my sex.

In real life, I am a housewife, girl scout leader with 41 minions, 4 cats 3 kids and a loving husband.

I read when I want. I am not a review mill and do not get paid for my reviews. Okay that is a small lie. We always respond well to ARC’s from my favorite authors or if get some tidbit of gossip that I think as stalkers fans we would love to know about, I will spill it.

Now my opinions, as frequent as they are, are honest and blunt. I DO NOT HIGHLIGHT BAD REVIEWS. If you really want them they you will have to search for them. I don’t like spotlighting a bad book, because like with art beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If I don’t like a book I will not trash the author as a person but I will be sarcastic about their book. I just won’t be mean for the sake of being a jerk. But we will tell you exactly what is going on in our heads. For those of you that may haven’t read some of my earlier reviews; I have a nasty habit of speaking my mind and talking trash about stupid characters that are TSTL.




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